We provide a non-profit platform that promotes scientific research, education, charitable outreach and trade policies to those involved directly or indirectly in the lampworking and ancillary trades. We believe that our industry has undergone vast changes in its constituent workers. Those workers are now facing a myriad of issues that directly effect the income and benefits that are increasingly being diverted to foreign interests with substantially more depressed labor markets. 


It is YOUR Union. This is a core principle that relies on member participation, and as such we encourage and invite differing opinions. With our base membership being free, it seeks to include everyone regardless of income, and allow for a broad base of members which gives substantial weight to arguing on behalf of the industry. The Lampworkers Trade Union is further the result of a need to verify and restrain glass trade being imported into The United States to protect the domestic manufacturers, suppliers and artists.


FairGlassTrade.com and our bi-monthly trade publication are the platforms by which we disseminate information to our members and a public audience. Through our membership system we will offer a range of services and benefits to lampworkers that range from tax guidance, legal information, charitable assistance, material guidelines and safety data, studio and wholesale locators, and more.


Experience and insight are at the core of our leadership. The board of directors for the Lampworkers Trade Union is comprised of a heavily awarded non-profit auditor, and a collective of experienced lampworkers. We continue to expand our technical advisory board to include leading authorities within the different disciplines of our trade. 


We believe that we are stronger collectively than we are individually. We believe that there is a need for efforts to prevent excessive importing of products into our domestic market that are capable of being produced here. We believe that lampworkers are currently not the target of any specific outreach with help and services that are essential to the size and growth of our respective trades. We believe that together we can make a difference in the lives of fellow lampworkers.